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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lock-In & Project Serve: December 17-19

After a shortened school week due to snow, we kicked off Christmas break with a lock-in at the church. Included with the lock-in was a Nerf War which positioned the Elves (Including guys from the Perfect Peace Band and P. Lee) vs. the Reindeer (This team didn't need outside assistance... other than Jordan and another youth worker from Murfreesboro).
On Sunday, we traveled to West Nashville for our monthly Project Serve to help with the Last Minute Toy Store. You can learn more about the Toy Store here. While serving, over 600 families were assisted with Christmas gifts, allowing families to provide Christmas for their children when they otherwise could not financially. Here are some pictures of our youth serving...
It was a great experience for the youth who were able to attend this month's Project Serve. Here is what some of them said: 
"Well that was a good day working! Over 600 familys were givin a Christmas. Its an amazing feeling seeing the happiness comeover their faces. Good day :" J.E.
 "I finally got to use my sign language skills today at the Last Minute Toy Store !! ♥ it was Awesome!!" A.S.

Be the Change! Jordan

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mid-Week: Family Life

This week we began our series on family life and how we often disconnect from our family by not having regular meals together and spending more time with media (computers, TV, phones) than we do with members of our family. 

 It's so easy to get so plugged into the rest of the world that we unplug from those who are around us. This month, we're seeking to change that. Each youth has a "Family Time Chart" to chart out the extra time they spend with family when they would normally be online or watching TV. I've asked them to tape them to the bathroom mirror as a daily reminder to spend time with family. Here's one of their pictures:

Be the Change! Jordan