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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mid-Week 10/27/10

This mid-week is sandwiched right between two awesome times for fellowship for our youth and adults... the bonfire at the Wisers this past Sunday, and the church retreat to Beersheba Springs this coming weekend. Having said that, we took a night off of our typical mid-week study and had a little fun after a short discussion. 

Coming Up:

Nov. 7th @ 5:30

Nov. 14th @ 2:00

Nov. 21st @ 2:00

See You There!

Be The Change! Jordan

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mid-Weed: 10/20/10

This week we talked about Nevi'im. Click the links below to see these funny videos:

The Hebrew word for prophet is navi, which comes from the root word nun-vet which means openness. We discussed how in order to hear from God, we must be open to Him. We also identified some of the things in our individual lives that keep us from being open to God... things that consume our time and our thoughts that prevent us from being still and open to Him.

Be the Change! Jordan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It was so awesome to have Seacolor with us on Sunday night to get the youth excited, and to give the youth a worship experience designed just for them.

The guys from Seacolor call Mobile, AL home, but are currently residing in the Nashville area after signing a record deal with Integrity Records. We hope to have much more contact with this group of young men as they continue to pursue God's calling on their lives through music.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday October 13th

This Wednesday, we had small group discussions centering around "The Law." As we discussed, "The Law" is a strict translation of the word Torah, which refers to the first five books of the bible. Within "The Law" there are 613 laws given to God's people.

Though many of these laws have no value to us in a world post-Jesus, many still do... laws like do not borrow money with interest help protect us from things that sometimes be out of our control.

We also discussed the ten commandments, which are included in the 613 old testament laws, and out of all the commandments which one we each struggle with the most. It is important that we not only understand our weaknesses, but also admit these weaknesses to our peers so that they can help build us up in the areas where we struggle the most.

Come next Wednesday as we continue studying the old testament... we are seeking to better understand the divisions of the old testament in the context of how they were originally organized.

Be the Change! Jordan

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Night- 10/10/10

This week, with Tuesday October 12th being "National Face Your Fears Day," we discussed the fears that each of us deal with. As we learned, social interaction is the second most common fear among Americans. 

We as Christians must not allow our fears to get in the way of what we're called to do... this means that often, being like Christ means that we must move outside of our comfort zone and interact with those in situations that make us uncomfortable.

Be The Change. Jordan

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday October 6th- SWAT Youth Ministries

Last night, we began our new Wednesday night series on The Law & The Prophets... we are seeking this month to understand these two divisions of the Old Testament from an historical perspective. We are growing deeper in our understanding of scripture and the Eternal.

Here are a few dates to remember for October and early November:

October 17th - Seacolor will be at Cook's at 5:30 in the Friendship Hall.

October 24th - We will be having a bonfire at the Wiser's house.

October 31st - There will be no youth event due to the Church-wide Bersheeba Retreat

November 7th - Leslie Eiler will be leading worship at 5:30 in the Santuary. This will be a unique worship experience.

Be the Change! Jordan

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oct. 2nd & 3rd: Hands and Feet

Hands & Feet this weekend was a great experience for the youth that were able to go. As you'll see in the picture below, we did some major work on a family's front porch, completely replacing the support columns and adding some much needed railing. 

The youth also enjoyed a concert/worship ex...perience Saturday night, with UnNamed Servant.

Overall, this was a great experience and I only pray that the youth were as impacted as I was.

Be the Change! Jordan