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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday October 13th

This Wednesday, we had small group discussions centering around "The Law." As we discussed, "The Law" is a strict translation of the word Torah, which refers to the first five books of the bible. Within "The Law" there are 613 laws given to God's people.

Though many of these laws have no value to us in a world post-Jesus, many still do... laws like do not borrow money with interest help protect us from things that sometimes be out of our control.

We also discussed the ten commandments, which are included in the 613 old testament laws, and out of all the commandments which one we each struggle with the most. It is important that we not only understand our weaknesses, but also admit these weaknesses to our peers so that they can help build us up in the areas where we struggle the most.

Come next Wednesday as we continue studying the old testament... we are seeking to better understand the divisions of the old testament in the context of how they were originally organized.

Be the Change! Jordan

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