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Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 Hour Famine Parent E-mail

Happy Thursday!

I hope this finds you all having a great week! I just want to provide the parents of those participating in 30 Hour Famine this weekend with some important information, and I will likewise send out specific information regarding our "Box Inn" at some point next week.

This Saturday, our youth who are participating in the Famine will eat lunch at 12:00 and the 30 hours will begin immediately after that meal. We will come together to begin our Famine lock-in at 7:00pm Saturday night, and with them, your youth will need to bring all donations they have collected for the Famine, the 30 Hour Famine permission slip (if it hasn't already been turned in) and a pillow and sleeping bag. The lock-in will end at 6:00pm Sunday evening with a celebration meal which we hope you will all join us for.

During the lock-in, we will be having several experiences for our youth, some fun and some serious. These experiences are aimed at helping our youth understand some of the challenges people face in developing countries. Your signature on your child's permission slip indicates that you give consent for your child to participate in all of these activities. 

Throughout the lock-in, we'll have several times when we'll require your child to drink water and/or juice. If at some point during the lock-in, I or another present adult feel that your child needs something more than a liquid, I'll have some healthy foods on hand to provide as needed. 

The 30 Hour Famine is an activity that hundreds of thousands of youth participate in every year. It requires a high level of commitment from the youth who participate, but it is a highly rewarding experience and allows youth to better understand what life is like for people in less fortunate areas around the world. I cannot express to you my excitement for this coming weekend and I am confident that your teen will come away personally enriched and empowered to help create positive change for people around the world.

If you are available to help (even in shifts) throughout the weekend, please let me know as we are in need of additional chaperons. Many many blessings to you all!

Be the Change,


Jordan Littrell
Director of Youth Ministries
SWAT Youth Ministries - serve//worship//teach
Cook's United Methodist Church
7919 Lebanon Road
Mt. Juliet, TN  37122

Office: 615-449-2573

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